A Mother’s Perspective

October 1, 2013 Staff Corner 0
By Hibo

There is a Somalian saying that goes “The quality of your harvest depends on what you have initially planted.” The parents who have raised kids that are respectful, smart, generous, and play a productive part in the community are well respected and envied.

Many parents strive to bring up children that are productive and take a big role in the community. Unfortunately, the incident that happened in Kenya has raised some eyebrows. Many mothers that I have talked to who have teenage kids are worried about their own children. “How do they get such hostile idea?” asked one woman.

Speaking from a mother’s point of view, it is unfortunate that people are using youth to fight a war they don’t understand. I am not making excuses for what the youth have done, but I believe those youth who were involved in the hostage and killing of innocent people in Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya were recruited and trained by culprits, who must have brainwashed them. But my question is why would they sacrifice their own life and what do they want to change by taking such action?

It is very important to dig further and find out, they might have plight. Parents should be friends with their teenage children. The youth may think that they are independent and they don’t need their parents anymore but they desperately need them. Parents might have different views on something but we can work together and be there for each other.

According to the media, technology is blamed. Kids have access to the internet, social media, and cellphones. Do we really monitor what our kids are doing online and the friends they keep? What kind of world are they in? The cyber world is a whole other issue. Immigrant families face challenges when trying to understand the impact of technology on their children. Parents may have no idea what their kids are doing due to cultural and language barriers. This can lead to these families or their children experience negative consequences.

Violence is something that we should never tolerate as parents and our children should never be instigated to participate in any violent acts.


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