API Youth Peer-to-Peer Thoughts: Sandy Le

January 12, 2014 News Voices from our Youth 0

Blog 1:

Ever heard of the phrase “Everything has a reason” ? Well it’s true. At birth, we are given a crown that we can’t take off. You and I both have our own duties to fulfill in our lifetime. Of course, there will be obstacles along the way. For example, oppression, jealousy, and prejudice will be introduced to everyone eventually. But it doesn’t matter what comes along your trail, its your actions that matter in these kinds of situations.

Whenever we go to work or school, we are surrounded by discrimination, whether if its money or race, it’s always there. Humans caused this and we also have to resolve it. This cause and effect chain led to many disagreements in our society. It has happened in the past and it still happens now. For example, we are in a certain clique because we don’t belong anywhere else. Individuals with the same traits as each other will only accept each one of another. Humans tend to not accept difference outside their traditions. Human nature causes us to develop into a hypocritical society where perfect has a specific meaning instead of something beautiful to the human eye.

One thing that comes to significance is that we are slowly changing from our current state. The first African-American president was elected in 2008. Also, the percentage of women in congress is slowly increasing. Humans make devastating mistakes and it’s our job to fix them. We blame each other for our malevolence but yet we still make progress. Everybody wants to leave their mark after death and the most known way was to make a difference; a change that will impact the world, hopefully in a positive way, and alter a person’s future. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against racism. He spoke out for his people and also for his beliefs. Of course not everybody can be that big of an influence. Starting out small is the best way. The crown each of us wear may either be large or small, but how we deal with the weight that is put on it matters the most.

Blog 2:

Recently, I have read a book To Kill a Mockingbird. The novel tells a story through a young girl, Scout’s perspective of the world. Her views of the town’s stereotypes was naive and ignorant. The town of Maycomb set preconceptions of its citizens. They discriminate against races that differ from their own. Scout encounters a few vulgar crises while she grew up in the small town. As the novel progresses, her brother Jem came to comprehend the meaning of the town’s custom of having prejudice.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a literary example of discrimination. I think that we are so stuck in our perfect little world to realize how much of a corrupted society we’ve become. We look down on the innocent instead of seeing them as our equal. Our arrogance is so staggering that we compete against each other for a higher class. Everywhere I go, I see that we rank each other according to the clothes we wear or the race that we are. Its unfortunate that humans only pay attention to their position instead of their own thoughts or will. We fight each other to gain power to patronize those who don’t satisfy our meaning of ‘humans’.

These reviews are on my perspective of society. It would differ from you, your friend, parent, and everyone else. Not many people will agree with my conclusions on life. And this is the perfect example of human nature. One will propose an idea and the other will disagree for either personal or general reasons. Most of the time, we are the latter. Our tendency to be selfish and egocentric became so traditional that we’ll lose sight of our true motive. It doesn’t affect us negatively to share an act of generosity. We can’t choose where and how we were born; we are all equal, no matter the difference in our culture and lifestyle. The only thing that separates us as humans is our mental boundaries.


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