June 1st to June 10th, 2017: a weekly update

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Last week, Monsoon’s staff presented at the National Sexual Assault Conference in Dallas, Texas.  Seth Backham and Itzel Padron-Zuniga, our youth coordinators, presented on “Experiences Developing Community-Based Violence Prevention Programs for Youth of Color.”  Mira Yusef, Hieu Pham, and Keeli Bao presented on Monsoon’s work on Campus – “Culturally-Specific Programs on Campus: Working with Asian & Pacific Islanders on Campus.”  Mira Yusef co-facilitated three workshops with the OVW Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative (SADI) team – “Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative: Findings & Recommendations for the Field,” “Anti-Oppression + Sexual Violence Services in Culturally-Specific Programs,” and “Supporting and Sustaining Staff.”

In addition, three Zumba teachers (Kelly Boesch, Patricia O’Connell, and Dinny Patterson) and two of our board members (Ilima Young-Dunn and Paula Hutton McKinney) hosted a Zumbathon on June 10th!  The event raised $290.

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