Monsoon is also strengthening our campus work.  Monsoon has been working on providing services on campus focusing on international students from Asia since 2009.  Receiving funding from the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) will further our effort beyond University of Iowa.  We are planning to have a presence at Kirkwood Community College, Grinnell College, Drake University, Iowa State University, and Des Moines Area Community College.  Hieu Pham is leading this effort with assistance from Yirui Song (UofIowa), Keeli Bao (UofIowa), Fatima Jayoma (UofIowa), Tanvi Yenna (UofIowa), Yanning Chen (UofIowa), Esther Hwang (Grinnell), and Kahmun Yap (Drake).  We are still hiring to assist us at Grinnell, Drake, ISU and DMACC.

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