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Under its volunteer management, Monsoon has split volunteer opportunities into two sections – community outreach and advocacy. Both allow community members to participate in the broader movement to end gender-based violence. Volunteers who choose to assist Monsoon in its community outreach efforts are required to complete an eight-hour training, which includes a simple, but detailed introduction to Monsoon, domestic and sexual violence, and community organizing. Volunteers who choose advocacy – that is, assisting Monsoon in providing direct services – are required to complete a 50+ hours training, which involves a comprehensive study of domestic and sexual violence, advocacy, counseling and working with victims. Volunteers also learn about the lifetime spiral of gender-based violence in API communities and forms of domestic and sexual violence to get a deeper understanding of cultural specificities.

Monsoon’s volunteer program is a critical element of the organization’s sustainability. Volunteers assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of community outreach and education events; help raise funds; and use their Asian language and cultural knowledge and skills in direct services.

Are you interested in volunteering at Monsoon? Contact Monsoon at 515.288.0881 or at contact@muawi.org.

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